Monday, September 28, 2009

Minix Startup

Just slogged through the OS startup process in The Minix Book. Could not understand some things in the first pass. I will have to re-read. In order to understand this section, I had to go back and revise assembler syntax and also how programs are laid out in memory. These topics led me to other related topics and I spent quite some time today reading all kinds of stuff. Ultimately I 'unwound the stack' and came back to The Minix Book but I am still not satisfied. I find the kernel initialization process quite tough to grasp. I have to keep reminding myself that since the system is not yet fully initialized, concepts like files and processes don't even exist. All we have is a processor with registers, memory and kernel data structures. It is getting really steep here. But this is probably the most important part of this book. I have to keep my focus and keep working through it.

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